Hanging Space Bag – CVB-55

Hanging Space Bag

DESCRIPTION: Hanging Space Bag
Backing: PET+PE, PA+PE
Fittings: Plastic Zipper +Plastic Hanger Hook
Colors: Transparent or Printing
(Other colors are available upon inquiry)
Size: 105x70cm, 145x70cm
Thickness: 60mic, 70mic, 80mic, 90mic, 100mic
Package: Each pcs in a polybag, 100pcs/ctn
(Other sizes & thickness are available upon inquiry)

New state of the art hanging design, full length sidezipper makes it easy to load your bulky clothing using your exsiting hanger.Hang your cloths on the inside ring in the bag, seal and hang back up in yourcloset using the heavey duty hook on the outside. Ideal for Dresses, Gowns, LongCoats etc.
Create valuable hanging space in your closet by keeping up toten garments stored in the incredible Hanging Space Bag. This innovative closetaccessory provides safe, airtight storage that compresses your clothing down toa fraction of the size. The clothing storage bag is equipped with an internalring for holding your clothing hangers and a patented sliding double zipper thatcreates an airtight seal. Once your garments are sealed inside, the outer hookis unscrewed to expose the vacuum val
-Hang: Your garments directly fromyour closet, with plastic Hook for convenient packing.
-Seal: The “zipper”easily to use. Our closure system ensures an airtight seal for ultimateprotection.
-Vacuum: Out the air using a vacuum cleaner. The patentedone-way valve fits any vacuum hose.
-Store: Compressed Hanging Bag incloset, attic, garage, or just about anywhere. Also fits inside Standard GarmentBag. hanging space bags
Interior seal closure
1-year LimitedManufacturer’s Warranty
Made in China
Suit Size: 105x70cm – Holdsup to 5 suits or 10 shirts/pants
Dress Size: 145x70cm – Holds up to 10dresses or coats
Safety Information
Keep away from extreme heat andcold
Open, pack, seal the bag, vacuum out the air andstore

HS Code: 39232900
Trademark: Ambag
Origin: China