Heavy Duty Garden Plant Accessories – Green Reuseable Garden Leaf Waste Bags

PP garden bag

Heavy duty PP garden bag


Get ready to take on your Spring garden and landscape clean up!!! Unlike other flimsy bags that fall over and collapse when you try to fill them, the Go-GreenGardening Large Reusable Lawn, Garden and Leaf Bag stays open, upright and stable while you are filling it. Our bag can hold up to 68 gallons or 75 pounds of your yard and garden waste. Ideal for collecting leaves, yard waste, plant clippings and grass. It is also great for moving and storing items around the garage, barn or house. And it can be folded flat and stored when not needed. Made of durable polypropylene woven fabric, it will last for years.


Customer Questions & Answers


I’m looking to store backjacks. I’m currently using contractor bags, and think this might be an alternate sturdier/reusable method?
These are very sturdy bags with a large opening in the top with nicely attached sturdy handles for moving around. I had to look up “back jack” so if yours are these floor chairs, they might be big enough to handle two.
By Mary E. Bolan on November 21, 2016
How many cans and bottles do you think this will hold, I want to use them to haul my recycles as I’m tired of going through plastic bags?
There are several ways to answer this question. If the cans and bottles are thrown in, probably 200. If crushed probably 400, cans melted back to aluminum probably 1500, if plastic bottles melted back to plastic and cans back to aluminum, probably 2500. These are estimates and these numbers have no real value.
By speaks the truth on September 16, 2016

Medium reusable printed garden waste bag made out of thick woven polypropylene material. Garden waste bags are ideal for collecting all types of garden waste whilst being convenient to move around and store.

  • Bag is printed with “Green Waste Recycling” and lists the types of waste the bag will hold.
  • UV protected fabric
  • Two carry handles
  • Extra heavy duty. Same specification as sold to councils